Build your own Homebrew Wind Generator

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Build your own Homebrew Wind Generator

Post by hawkiye on Fri 23 Jan 2009, 1:11 pm

I thought this was a pretty good and comprehensive plan on how to do this. It appears to be a quality job when done.

"This page serves as an index of pages that detail how we build a 10'
diameter wind turbine. The machine is of a simple design, largely based
on Hugh Piggott's designs. It features and axial flux 3 phase
alternator. It should be fairly efficient in low winds (producing
perhaps in the ballpark of 100 watts in low 10mph winds) and it should
produce around 700 watts in winds of 25mph, at which time the machine
should begin to furl. Peak power we see from this machine is about
twice that (1500 watts) although I don't believe the alternator can
withstand that for long. It makes for a nice, quiet low wind machine."

Go to the link get the rest of it:

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