Help Idaho survive the depression

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Help Idaho survive the depression

Post by daisystuart on Sat 20 Dec 2008, 5:18 pm

Get rid of illegal aliens who are taking Idaho jobs and forcing wages down. When congressman Mike Simpson was taking questions on the radio yesterday, a drywall contractor called in to say that drywall workers were getting $20 per hour until illegals started working for $10 per hour. He can't compete with them. The federal immigration dept. will not do anything about this problem even when notified of the location of illegal workers. Simpson agreed that was a problem, but didn't offer to do anything about it. I suspect he is getting contributions from farmers who want the cheap labor of illegals. We should pressure our legislators to act to solve this problem. They will listen because they want to get re-elected.


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Re: Help Idaho survive the depression

Post by hawkiye on Sat 20 Dec 2008, 5:40 pm

I agree I used to do masonry and concrete here is what we can do to save Idaho:

I am putting together a ten point plan to save our State from as much of the coming depression as possible but I need help in putting it together. I will send this to all of our legislature and the Governor. Also try to draw media attention, website etc.

Others could use this in their home states also. I will be doing a series of posts asking this in several areas. If we can get our state to implement this others will follow as the depression sets in. Now is the time!

First How would you set up a sound money system in a state?

Couple things I have in mind are to first get the governor to exercise the states sovereignty via the 10th amendment to get the feds off our back so what ever barter system, gold and silver, and business coupon/money system or combination thereof that is implemented need not fear Federal harassment. We'll keep everything withing the confines of the constitution.

Encourage local business systems like some are doing already where they issue coupons , coins or notes that are redeemable at their business only and people can trade them etc.

Encourage and allow US coins and bullion in gold and silver as legal tender per the constitution.

What are your ideas on how something like this could be implemented, or if you have other ideas please post them. Also post examples or links to them if any.


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