July Event news - August Event planning

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July Event news - August Event planning

Post by paul4won on Tue 29 Jul 2008, 11:26 am

Our first FED FREE Fleastival was WONDERFUL! Mostly all we traded was conversation, but it was a delightful chance to sit and chat rather than "meet." We laid groundwork for local networking, and had a yummy feast! Thanks to all those fine cooks!

The bad news was even good news: Our event would have been better attended, but 2 other events of a similar nature happened on the same day within 150 miles. We are discussing the need for a regional or state event, but the local event is TRULY the ultimate goal. Each town needs to be as independent as possible, from there we build an intra-state network to cover any gaps in sustainability for any one individual community.

August is looking to be a watershed month in Idaho! If you are a resident, please get ready to do all the things you now wish you had done for Dr. Paul - it appears you will get a second chance, of a sort. Please attend an event near you, or come to ours, or host our own. I suspect Noah built the Ark under sunny blue skies, and it is already raining here.


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