Idaho Success! Strategy Works!

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Idaho Success! Strategy Works!

Post by hawkiye on Tue 17 Jun 2008, 9:29 pm

We have proven it in Idaho this weekend as other state have done also. I just got back so I will keep it short as I am dead tired and I'll ad more later

We kicked our state chairman to the curb and we got a plank added to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to sound currency. And it was voted in overwhelmingly!

We secured six delegates for Ron Paul.

We won some regional Chair and committee positions and swept one region ( we have 3).

Previously we have taken over several county central committees. We lost some valiant fights only because the committees were stacked against us.

There are still some good conservative/libertarian folks in the party and we came together with some of them to oust our Chairman.

Folks this strategy is working I have seen it first hand we have made significant progress. Our only draw back was we need more people to step up to the plate.

In regards to 3rd party or an independent run: This is working. I, like many, sat on the outside throwing rocks until Dr. Paul came along and I realized that is not working so I got involved. We have now proven we can change things. The only thing we need is more people to get involved so we can effect more change sooner.

Folks you can sit out here and bitch and moan and accomplish nothing while letting others make decisions that effect your life, Or you can get involved and start working toward the direction you would like to see it go.

Everyone one complains and wants change however few are willing to do the heavy lifting it take to effect change.

As Plato said; "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is to be ruled by your inferiors"

More later

Here is an article about it, it was not as divisive and ugly as the article makes it out to be.


(sorry for some of the typos hopefully I corrected them all)

Folks I encourage you to get involved. I really did not want to go to the convention. I was only an alternate to begin with however several people ended up not making it from my delegation and I made delegate but did not know till I arrived at the convention and spoke to my committee chairman. I was broke and didn't see the point. thanks to paul4won for encouraging me to go!

It was an experience I will never forget and the camaraderie of Ron Paul supporters was something I did not expect. I felt Like I knew people I had either just met or only known for a short time for years. We all had so much in common and not just Dr. Paul it was amazing how like minded we all were on so many things yet our backgrounds were so diverse. I am so glad I went!

It was a bit uncomfortable for me at times as in my particular delegation we only had 4 Ron Paul patriots out of 32 delegates, the other 3 were in district delegations so I was the only one sitting with my county delegation of 25 delegates and often was the lone guy standing or not standing for roll call votes while they all glared at me LOL! ( they seated us in county and district delegations)

Luckily paul4won had swept their county delegation and they were sitting right in front of me so I had some support.

I am so proud of the great patriots that stood for liberty learned Roberts rules ( enough to be effective) and debated in the committees and on the floor so articulately and intellectually! Folks they were scared and shocked we came as newbies to the process and we played the game well and we made some significant victories. WE had a particularly awesome fight in the platform committee over only allowing to the president to go to war with a declaration. We lost that fight but it was great and the committee chariman was my county chairman and even though he is a liberal he did a great job and was very fair. The only reason they won is because they had the committee stacked with their cronies. But that fight was so good the place was packed and even observers were asking for floor time and getting it. Yet it was all done civilly but passionately.

They thought we would be a flash in the pan but they now see we can scrap and we can do it well and in a civil manner and we will only get better at it! All we need is more patriots to stand with us. We are already planning for our midterm elections and expanding the movement with the campaign for liberty and to start targeting local races.

If we want change this is what we have to do. Standing on the outside and complaining about the SOB's is what has allowed them to get control, we can no longer afford to do that. I encourage you to do some soul searching and face your fears and get involved. We can win this if enough patriots will step up to the plate!

God bless all the patriots out there fighting this good fight!

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Re: Idaho Success! Strategy Works!

Post by radicalgma on Sat 05 Jul 2008, 10:29 am

I get the notices from the Twin Falls Ron Paul meetup. I moved to Oregon from S Idaho and had hoped to make it over there for some meetings.. never was able to do that.. but it has been an inspiration to follow what has happened there.

Nevada has also done well. You guys are great!

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