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Please read before posting

Post by Admin on Sun 04 May 2008, 1:24 pm

1. This forum is the flea market.
2. No commercial sales allowed without permission. And we generally will discourage it. However if something is a deemed worth while we may allow it.
3. Nothing illegal. No Porn.
4. Don't forget to post what area you are in if you are unwilling to ship.
5. We are not responsible for any failed transactions or disputes. All transactions are between you and the other party. Do your due diligence before buying or selling. If you feel you have been ripped off let us know, and if we get enough complaints about someone we may ban them if we feel there is enough evidence. However we are not responsible for losses or for recovering anyones money or merchandise. Take responsibility for your self and your actions.
7. We would encourage trading with folks in your own area and region where you can meet face to face in most cases. However there are times when shipping makes sense.
8. Firearms: You are responsible to know and obey all applicable laws for your jurisdiction. We are not the facilitator or party to any transaction whatsoever.
9. By using this forum you agree to hold us harmless of any and all damages, disputes or losses.


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