report from Carter's Freeehold

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report from Carter's Freeehold

Post by dc9 on Wed 14 May 2008, 8:15 pm

Just to give you a little background. I have 10 acres in central Alabama and a group of us are using it to form a self sufficient, survival oriented community. We are a diverse group ranging the gamut from fundamentalist christian to wiccan and a few shades in between. But we work toward what we have in common and not what divides us. As it is wednesday, we have just completed our weekly gathering and cookout down by the year round creek which splits the property. We are using a solar electric system to provide lights and things are still rather primitive. Mainly we are busy gathering the materials to have on hand to put all the parts of the community into full swing. Hopefully we have enough time to get set up before the coming SHTF day, but if we aren't done, at least we will have what we need to work with. The next project is going to be installing a water system and septic system. ( so, I'm a survivalist that likes flush toilets) While we will always get some of our energy needs from solar, the major project to be finished by September is a small scale hydro-electric system using a "back-shot" water wheel which can give up to 90% efficiency. We will also be maximizing our food self sufficiency with organic gardening, fish from the pond that will be built with the dam for the water wheel along with the deer, squirrel and rabbit that are rampant on the property. Also just got 9 biddies out of the incubator and had to build another coop today cause we've gotten to the point where we need to reduce the chicken population and some will go to market (for FRNs to buy more silver) and some will go to the freezer. But the main thing is being down there on the property with the peace and quiet and sense of community. Then I come back to this "real" world and wonder - "What the hell is going wrong here?" Oh, we also are all well armed believers in the Constituttion.


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Re: report from Carter's Freeehold

Post by hawkiye on Thu 15 May 2008, 1:44 am

I love it. This is the kind of thing we need more of in this country. Wow Fundamentalist Christian and Wiccan working together. That is fantastic. I have noticed there is change as of late with people being more tolerant of others beliefs. Of course there is still no shortage of intolerance however I am seeing more and more people come together like this. Of course the Ron Paul campaign has been a great example of people from many different backgrounds working together. No one likes to have others try and brow beat their beliefs on to them. We're all in this together and we need more of this kind of free cooperation.

Freedom is popular and to add to that Self reliance is popular now too Very Happy


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