An Ingenious Plan To Pay All Debts

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An Ingenious Plan To Pay All Debts

Post by hawkiye on Tue 23 Jun 2009, 6:25 pm

With the U.S. sinking hopelessly into a black hole of debt, and
households facing an avalanche of tax hikes that will at best postpone
the nation’s day of bankruptcy, we are all hard-pressed at this point
to see a way to a happy ending. Lo, along comes an anonymous e-mail
that describes a way to solve everyone’s debt problems painlessly. If
you think the plan can work, I would urge you to forward it to your
congressmen. But if you see a fatal flaw in the logic, please drop by
the Rick’s Picks forum to explain. The forum can be accessed by
clicking on the word “Comments” under the headline on today’s
commentary. Here’s the magical plan to cure America’s”Accounts
Receivable Crisis”:..

Full plan:

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