End The Fat - Preparing for the Revolution and Losing Weight.

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End The Fat - Preparing for the Revolution and Losing Weight.

Post by hawkiye on Thu 18 Jun 2009, 7:24 pm

You've heard of "End the Fed", well this post is about "End The Fat" LOL!

Preparing for the revolution and losing weight.


Many of us are preparing for the coming storms. Perhaps one
of the most neglected areas of preparation is physical health and conditioning.
The typical American diet is pretty much crap these days and our food supply is
contaminated and even poisoned in some cases by the big corporate food

Obesity is a major problem, but of course itís also a major
cash caw for the diet industry and worse the medical industry. Americans are
fatter and have more health problems than ever before. I was one of them (fat)
even though I eat pretty clean and exercise regularly.

I almost hesitate to write this next part because if you
have struggled with weight loss you have heard it all before. However I have
lost 56 pounds in 8 weeks of actual dieting on a program known as the HCG
protocol. sometime called the HCG diet, or the weight loss cure. Some of you
may have heard of it before? This was developed and clinically proven over 50
years ago by Dr ATW Simeons and Englishdoctor who had a clinic in Italy. It
became very popular but then the FDA got into the picture and tried to discredit
it. And eventually it fell into obscurity but never quite died.

Who knew that over 50 years ago a doctor developed a cure
for obesity and it has been somewhat suppressed by the FDA, imagine that LOL.
Well it is enjoying a new rebirth in popularity for one main reason; IT WORKS

It allows you to healthily lose up to 2 pounds a day and
keep it off the rest of your life. Thousands myself included are reporting
tremendous results. I am on my second cycle and am on my way to weighing what I
did in high school and early twenties. I have been so inspired by the results I
created a website to get the word out and help others experience the same
results many others and I have.

I was skeptical at first especially since I have struggled
with excess weight all my life. I have been very active in training for martial
arts and weight training etc. also and have accumulated a lot of knowledge in
the area of conditioning and nutrition to try and control my weight and I did
pretty well when I younger but as I have gotten older it has been much more
difficult. However results can be pesky little things that are damn hard to
argue with. The credit goes to my Sister in law who did the diet and lost 30
pounds. This got my attention and made me do some research. Within a week I was
convinced this was for real and wanted to try it.

The site is functional but I am still messing with it and I would like
some feedback . And of course if your interested feel free to
ask questions here or through my site.

We decided to do this because we (my wife and I) kept
getting questions about how we lost all the weight so quickly. So I decided to
put a site together. (and itís already been more work then I was hoping for,
but such is life)

Here is the part I hesitate on as it sounds so much like the
diet gurus, however I am living proof. If you have ever struggled with weight
loss this is the Holy Grail it works! If done properly it resets your
hypothalamus gland so when youíre done dieting you can eat what you want and
not gain the weight back.

Here is some points I have put together on my website http://endthefat.net

♦ Dr. Simeons HCG protocol is a clinically proven healthy rapid weight loss
method that can allow you to safely lose up to 2 pounds a day.

♦ HCG will allow you to lose unwanted fat in those hard to lose areas by
allowing the body to burn fat stores that are usually hard or impossible to
burn on other diets.

♦ Re-sculpts the body to look more appealing. Replaces depleted essential
fats from other diets while burning unwanted fat in those hard to get places.

♦ Resets the hypothalamus gland so you do not gain the weight back when done

♦ Eliminates the hanging fat and skin problem produced by other rapid weight
loss methods.

♦ Eliminates the hunger and weakness associated with other diets. Many
notice a boost in energy.

♦ Allows you to burn fat and retain muscle while maintaining a low calorie

♦ What about homeopathic HCG? The good news about homeopathic HCG is it
works as well as taking the shots. Many folks myself included are reporting the
same results with homeopathic HCG as others report with clinical shots of HCG.

So get in shape for the revolution, you may need it! http://endthefat.net

Oh yeah the whole ďend the fedĒ thing inspired the name LOL!

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