Mexican Flu- Weaponized Concoction?

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Mexican Flu- Weaponized Concoction?

Post by hawkiye on Sun 26 Apr 2009, 10:51 am

"This virus is a mix of human, pig and bird strains that prompted
WHO to meet Saturday to consider declaring an international public
health emergency"

This could be thier play to lock us down, new genes don't just pop up and
mix etc. The bird flu was proven bullshit (Google "Dr. Tenpenny
birdflu") so now they just gave thier concoction a new name and started
it down in Mexico where everyone knows is substandard for health care
and hygiene etc. Of course Tamiflu makers stand ready to "help out
with vaccines how convenient.

"The CDC says two flu drugs, Tamiflu and Relenza, seem effective against the new strain. Roche, the
maker of Tamiflu, said the company is prepared to immediately deploy a stockpile of the drug if requested. Both drugs must be taken early, within a few days of the onset of symptoms, to be most effective."

Lo and behold tamiflu is somehow effective for this strain even though
they don't even know what strain it is... Sigh Folks you can't make a
vaccine unless you have the strain. These people are about as evil as
they come. Don't take the vaccine what ever you do, Elderberry tincture
and colloidal silver will beat the flu. Tamiflu was proven to not be
effective for bird flu since it was made before they had the strain,
and there is no proof vaccines work period. ( I know that sounds crazy
to some, do the research, don't knee jerk )

As the saying goes follow the money. Take a look at this article from 2006
and it might explain why I think we are being exploited even to death
in this case for money:

I see this as literally an attack on us if this goes pandemic, and
believe it is weaponized strain if it does go pandemic. Who would
benefit if that were the case? The masses will rush for this vaccine,
which will likely spread the disease (do the research) and make the
vaccine makers rich. This is also the prefect excuse for martial
law under the guise of quarantine and locking down the states etc. Also
the perfect excuse to regulate everything from food to water to even
the air you breath think about it. They have been trying to do all that
for years they even want to regulate vitamins and supplements, animals
and livestock ( NIAS), what a perfect recipe for that! A virus with
human and animal genes supposedly "well we gotta do it for your own

I sincerely hope I am wrong here but finish up your
preps, better to be prepared and not need it, then to need it and not
be prepared. Again Elderberry tincture and colloidal silver will beat
beat the flu, and should be part of any preparedness program anyway
because they are good for many other things. Colloidal silver is a
natural anti viral/anti biotic but does not kill the good bugs in your
body like prescription antibiotics. You can get colloidal silver at
the Boise Coop or online. You can make a silver generator your self or
buy one online. Google it.

Also off the subject a little if you
want to stock up on anti biotic pills like Penicillin's and
Tetracycline's. You can order the stuff online they use for aquarium
fish. It says it's not for humans but it is the exact same stuff they
give to humans and charge you ten times the amount.

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