Gardening Made Easy - Square Foot Method!

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Gardening Made Easy - Square Foot Method!

Post by hawkiye on Sun 12 Apr 2009, 10:16 am

I have been gardening many years. I am a fan of the square foot
gardening method. Less space, more produce, no digging or tilling, and
weeding is almost non existent. No need to improve poor soil create
your own with compost, peat moss, and vermiculite or perilte or any
small grain size lite rock. Simply make raised beds on top of what ever
soil you have and you only need six inches for most veggies. Works as

Also if if you have any southerly facing windows in
the house put some wire shelves in front of them and do your garden
starts right there no need for an extra green house. Four or five
shelves can start a huge garden.

Worms will compost any manureand organic material
quickly and make it into a perfect PH balanced
garden soil. I learned this from my Grandfather.

Row gardening wastes about 80 percent of the space
and makes for a lot more work then is necassary. It is simply a hold
over from the past of growing field crops where rows are more
conducive to large scale farming, however there is no need for
them in a garden even a large survival garden.

There is a guy who lives in Pasadena California on a tenth acre and grows all
his own food for a family of four on half that, and has enough left
over for a profitable business selling his produce. Check out his site: Click on the video brochure on the right
to see his place and what is possible. What in inspiration!

Also check out the square foot gardening site and get his latest book, lots
of improvements over the older versions. It's aimed more at the small
backyard gardener but the concepts work on large scale also as the Path
to freedom site will show you.

Even when I get may many acres I still plan on doing all my gardening in a small
area for the simple fact it will be less work. Also easier to protect
from the deer and elk or other pests.[/justify]

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Re: Gardening Made Easy - Square Foot Method!

Post by hopefulfilled on Sun 12 Apr 2009, 8:10 pm

Yes, Hawkiye, and not only less space, work, but also less water, and fertilizer (you aren't watering and feeding those walkways between all those rows. ) I have been doing a modified system like the square foot method for years, and would never go back. Something similar is "Weedless Gardening" by Lee Reich. Just as efficient, but permanent beds, no tilling, and it works great where we are , in a drought.


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