Indoor Gardening

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Indoor Gardening

Post by hawkiye on Sun 29 Mar 2009, 1:52 pm

One of the things we are doing is we have 3 southerly facing windows,
one sliding glass door and two bedroom windows. We are putting some
black wire shelves in front of them to grow starts on right now, and
for growing some vegetables in the winter that can't survive the cold.

reasoning is if imports dwindle to near zero a lot of veggies we
usually can get at the store are imports. There is even a place that
sells these dwarf tomato trees the produce year round. beside fresh
home grown are always much better then "storebot"...

if things get real bad and food becomes real scarce we can expand our
sliding glass door area with more shelves and some mirrors or even tin
foil to have fresh veggies year round to supplement canning in the
summer. Also any extra can be bartered or used to help neighbors till
they get up to speed.

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