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Young Americans for Liberty

Post by mybug67 on Mon 16 Feb 2009, 2:48 pm

Hi everyone
The topic I want to get into today is, how you can help support to get a chapter of Young Americans for Liberty at universitys. It's time to counter act Obamaism!
We here at the Ron Paul meetup in Long Beach and Cypress helped at UCI (University of California at Irvine) we gave them a table and YAL info. This was on Jan.20 The same day that guy was put into the white house!
So the students signup 31 people. Two weeks ago the UCI chapter had there first YAL meeting. 20 people showed up. They elected a President and a vice-President. And now they can can have a table at UCI all the time now!
That also gives me alot of hope for the furture! Can't wait until we get YAL chapters at Long Beach St. or at UCLA or even at USC!
Also It's time to counter act Keynesians economics and teach Austrian school of Economics.
For Info here is YAL website is and for Mises Institute is

P.S YAL is Ron Paul Approved!

You folks have a wonderful day


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