Market Crash by Friday?

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Market Crash by Friday?

Post by hawkiye on Sun 08 Feb 2009, 1:57 pm

Well If true we're in for quite a ride. I tend to take these with a grain of salt but this one caught my attention because he is talking about CDO's which is what the rainy day funds in the CAFR reports are supposedly heavily invested in.

It actually makes some sense. He says if this happens it will suck all the working capital out of all the municipalities from school districts to county, states, and countries, and all into the banks. and the credit crisis will be over but the world will be broke and guess who will have the money start it all over again loaning all the broke municipalities money etc.

It supposed to start tomorrow and crash by Friday. Even if it doesn't happen by Friday doesn't mean it still won't happen. If it does happen our world will change drastically.


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